The ZIMCO team is here to address any and all of your instrumentation needs. All our staff is exceptionally knowledgable in the world of instrumentation and can offer alternatives and/or solutions to your instrumentation needs.

Paul Geddes photo

Paul enjoys the exciting, family atmosphere around the office where he spends most of his time. When at home he enjoys relaxing in his yard with his two pugs. Paul follows sports and enjoys skiing, hockey, golf and travel.

Paul Geddes

Vice President, Operations
Michael Geddes photo

In addition to impressive letters after his name, Michael is the company doctor and cereal connoisseur. His down time is spent pairing fine, red wines with grilled steak, as well as hockey, golfing, skiing and traveling.

Michael Geddes

Corporate Development
Ron Becker photo

Zimco has been Ron’s home for over 40 years; the same time he’s been married. He’s excited about growth and new opportunities for this family owned business. Ron loves time with his grandkids and entertaining.

Ron Becker

General Manager
Amber Tunney photo

For the last ten years Amber has enjoyed working with the great team at Zimco almost as much as she loves reading a good book. She is recently married with a large family of two dogs and a cat.

Amber Tunney

Accounting Supervisor
Barry Neufeld photo

Barry hits the road with a tummy full of German food in all kinds of weather spreading the word about Zimco. He spends weekends restoring speakers and HiFi equipment and fly-fishing.

Barry Neufeld

Sales Representative
Mike Vanderwater photo

As a native son of Edmonton, Mike could be forgiven for supporting the Oilers. He also supports two amazing children. Fortunately for them, Mike loves to cook. He also predicts Texsteam to be the next big product line.

Mike Vanderwater

Sales Representative
Rick Drolet photo

When Rick isn’t selling the merits of Texsteam, you may find him fly-fishing, cooking up southern BBQ or spending time with his family. He’s happy working hard to establish a career at Zimco.

Rick Drolet

Sales Representative
Klebber da Silva photo

Klebber enjoys working
with his knowledgeable co-workers and customers at Zimco. In his downtime, he enjoys watching UFC, while his favourite sporting teams are the Toronto Raptors and LA Rams. He’s been happily married for over 12 years and has two amazing children.

Klebber da Silva

Sales Representative
Christina Pape photo

Christina enjoys working
with the team at Zimco and is well versed in five languages. She enjoys outdoor sports and was placed 6th in an International White-Water Competition in China. Her favourite products are the Questtec Level Indicators and the Parker FTS 300.

Christina Pape

Sales Representative
Brett Billey photo

Brett has been in sales
for over 25 years, with numerous certifications in the Oil & Gas industry. His favourite product line is QTS. Brett is a passionate fan of the Vancouver Canucks and
Edmonton Oilers. In his downtime, he enjoys camping
& fishing with the family.

Brett Billey

Sales Representative
Mike Dowling photo

After 27 years at Zimco, Mike’s product knowledge is second to none. An avid NASCAR fan, Mike is proud to offer quality product lines to his clients. And they appreciate that.

Mike Dowling

Product Specialist
Nathan Carver photo

Nathan enjoys working with his fellow employees toward a common goal. A self-confessed product nerd, Nathan really knows his stuff, but don’t pick a fight with him, for 6 years he was a boxer!

Nathan Carver

Product Specialist
Curtis Anheliger photo

Football runs through Curtis’ veins – but he’s no armchair quarterback; he’s won SAMFA Sportsman of the Year. After tackling Instrumentation Technology in college, he enjoys the team collaboration at Zimco.

Curtis Anheliger

Product Specialist
Glen Wenaas photo

With 27 years of marriage and nearly as long in Oil & Gas, you can call Glen a specialist. At Zimco he focuses on Instrumentation/Calibration/Flow and at home enjoys firing up the BBQ.

Glen Wenaas

Product Specialist
Richard Hiebert photo

Richard takes pride in being an expert in the chemical pump industry and specializes in custom projects. He is a foodie and enjoys curries, sushi and strapping on his apron for some serious backyard BBQ.

Richard Hiebert

Product Specialist
Stuart Beirnes photo

The grandkids call Stuart ‘Grumpy’ – but he’s quite a jolly person. Stuart enjoys the family atmosphere at Zimco – and the hot chocolate machine. He has two specialties: the Kenco product line and Star Trek trivia.

Stuart Beirnes

Product Specialist
Brad Holowatiuk photo

When you need parts, Brad is your go-to guy. The warehouse is his domain and for 21 years he has warehoused products for distribution to our clients. He adores being a dad, and enjoys renovating his home.

Brad Holowatiuk

Warehouse Manager
Sophana Teav photo

Even though teamwork is Sophana’s favourite aspect of Zimco, she prides herself on her solitary accomplishments. Sophana enjoys good Pho, charity work and has a natural talent for painting.

Sophana Teav

Executive Assistant
LeRoy Stevens photo

LeRoy recently joined
Zimco and enjoys the family atmosphere at the office. He works behind the scenes on everything marketing related. LeRoy enjoys traveling, and in his downtime, he is usually cooking, watching cricket, or trying out restaurants in the city.

LeRoy Stevens

Administrative Assistant
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