Pressure + Load

Zimco Instrumentation is a leading supplier of an extensive range of Pressure Instrumentation including gauges, switches, valves, fittings, tubing, regulators and transmitters to satisfy all your system requirements. Stocking in Calgary pressure, differential pressure, level, magnetic, low pressure, high pressure and test gauges.

Our line of valves, fittings, tubing include needle, ball, check and gauge valves. The tube and pipe fittings come in standard and custom materials and designs. Some of our valves, fittings and tubing are engineered to handle pressure to 150,000 psi and temperatures from -423 F to 1200 F.

Our ATEX/CSA approved switches are designed for pressure, differential pressure, level, flow and temperature. The ATEX/CSA approved transmitters are intended for pressure, temperature, level, load, I/P and P/I transmitters in standard and custom designs and materials.

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